Aug 30, 2018 2:50:29 PM
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Power Up Your People: Unleashing Latent Opportunity for Online Growth

The evidence speaks for itself. Digital commerce continues to be strong across all product categories. However, retailers must focus on aligning their digital teams if they are to remain competitive and drive more revenue online.

All too often, lean digital commerce teams must rely on developer support to use and customize the technologies that enable them to meet these demands. Eliminating this dependency on development is a game changer. 

Download this report from Fit for Commerce for the strategies and tactics to increases the digital commerce team’s efficiency, empowering them to focus on content creation, planning and executing site updates, real-time merchandising and ongoing site optimization.

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For 20+ years, Workarea has helped retailers and brands outpace their competition. Our retail roots tell us the common success factor across top retailers is peak team performance. With the right tools, teams reach their zenith and all is possible. When commerce, content and insights are working together, so is your team. Collaboration occurs, efficiency rises, and the output is not only measurable but ever-evolving.