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M1 to M2 Guide: Is Magento 2 the Right Move?

Magento is a “build” solution that offers flexibility through customizations, extensions and other integrations. But this flexibility creates developer dependence, with routine site updates, platform updates and integration reliant on IT. Before selecting an ecommerce software, it's critical to evaluate the platform features and benefits. With the recent acquisition of Magento by Adobe c...

NoSQL for Ecommerce: How a Flexible Database Can Make or Break Digital Experience

Traditional ecommerce platforms rely on relational database management systems (RDBMS) like SQL. Relational systems use a complex network of tables and rows (fixed schema) to store structured data like SKU IDs, pricing, inventory and shipping rules. But relational databases poorly handle unstructured data critical to modern commerce experiences, and require significant technical effort t...

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Setting Up Your Team for Ecommerce Success

Download this report to learn how successful retailers, brands and digital merchants structure their digital organizations to achieve maximum effectiveness by aligning technologies, tools and work processes.    

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The Ultimate Holiday Ecommerce Merchandising Guide

Even when the holiday season is underway, doesn't mean your work is done. Download the Ultimate Ecommerce Holiday Guide to benchmark your performance against industry averages. Plus, instantly access tips and merchandising strategies to fuel holiday sales. 

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Top 10 Mobile Commerce Challenges

For the majority of ecommerce sites, more than 50% of site traffic comes through mobile devices (and it's only increasing). While many have successfully delivered responsive and adaptive, mobile-friendly sites, there are still unique UX challenges that are table stakes to the ecommerce experience, especially on the small screen.  Watch this webinar to learn the 10 mobile design challenge...

SEO Checklist for Ecommerce Site Migration

Without a comprehensive SEO strategy in place, even the most technologically adept replatforming project runs the risk of disrupting your traffic and impacting your bottom line. Start your ecommerce migration off on the right foot with a comprehensive strategy. Instantly download this handy SEO checklist for a successful ecommerce replatforming project.

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Holiday Merchandising Strategies

Despite your best planning efforts, you can't predict what customers will actually do once the holiday season is underway. To maximize conversion rates, revenue and avoid sitting on cold merchandise post-season, your digital team needs real-time data to apply to merchandising strategies across home pages, category lists, site search product pages, cart and marketing campaigns. Discover t...

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FFC From Idea to Doorstep: Selling

Download this report to learn what goes into a successful consumer digital commerce business. From developing the right strategy and building a high-performing team, to building a solid foundation and selecting the right technologies, this report reveals the many moving parts to manage.