Ecommerce Roundtable

Did you know shoppers who use the search bar are 7 - 10 times more likely to convert?

In fact, these shoppers can make up anywhere from 40% to 80% of your online revenue. Today's buyers know exactly what they want, and they expect a shopping experience that provides quick and accurate results.  


Ecommerce Roundtable: Search Optimization Strategies to Increase Conversions

We've seen first-hand the power of search conversion optimization. So much so we decided to get two of the top ecommerce agencies together to discuss what goes into designing and implementing a high-converting search optimization strategy.  

Highlights include:

  • Actionable takeaways from agency leaders on how the tactics to improve search optimization
  • What resources to allocate to build a search conversion strategy
  • The KPIs you should be using to measure search conversions 

About the Presenters


Jon Garyfalakis
Founder & CEO, Syatt Media

Jon is Founder & CEO of Syatt Media. Founded in 2018, Syatt Media is one of the fastest-growing ecommerce agencies in North America. Syatt’s growth can be attributed to an extremely strong team of senior ecommerce professionals, coupled with an ethos of transparency and collaboration.









MacKenzie DeWitt
Lead User Experience Architect, CQL

MacKenzie DeWitt is the Lead User Experience Architect at CQL. As such, she works to create thoughtful, strategic, clean experiences for our clients (and most importantly, their users). She also brings extensive user research and testing experience to the CQL design practice. MacKenzie has her Bachelor's in Political Science and Sociology and her Master's in Human-Computer Interaction, both from the University of Michigan.